Super late submission for the competition this year, I almost missed it :slight_smile:
Despite the 4k graphics the game requires a pretty high-end computer to run smooth. The reason is as usual SIZE!

I would be happy to get some feedback and will try to find the time and space to correct the bugs you guys find.

Known issues:
Occasional strange AI behavior
Weird laser across screen

That’s one good-looking and seriously difficult game! Cool stuff. Though I couldn’t kill a single enemy in a couple of tries.

On a related note, I see on the page that Daniel Frostberg helped design it. Tell him hello from MĂĄns. :slight_smile:

Thanks, you’ll have to practice more! :slight_smile:
I will, me and Daniel checked out Flywrench4k yesterday, very smooth and polished.

Thanks! :slight_smile: