Meeting Point (2014)

So, just over a year ago I posted information on a project Digital Prisoner’s built called Meeting Point. Earlier this year we were commissioned to update the project, and we’ve finally got around to putting up a video of it so I thought I’d share it with you all. Hope you enjoy! ;D


EDIT - Changed video for short promo version - full video here.


At Digital Prisoners we’re interested in creating interactive things for people to play with out in the real world. Meeting Point is a large-scale interactive projection designed for an urban public space. It uses two infra-red cameras mounted at opposite sides of the space, custom computer software and a large-scale projector. The work allows the two participants to interact with each other and, through motion detection, with the other audio and visual elements of each section. For example, the record scratching section allows them to control the spin on screen and the sound of the record by moving from side to side.

Technical Details

Yes, it’s Java-based and built using Praxis LIVE (see recent thread). More details of the technology are in last year’s thread.

As you’ll see, it’s developed quite a lot. I’m hoping to get some of the GLSL video FX up in the Praxis LIVE sub-graph repo soon.

And I still think it qualifies as a game! :wink: Mind you, if you want to play with you’ll need a large space and ~£5k.