Meditating Monk

Hi again!
I have a new epic game to present. Let me know what you think :wink:

This is a description:

Meditating Monk is a crazy arcade game with charming pixelated graphics.
Balance your monk on top of a pole and try to survive for as many days as you can.
Treat everything that wants to interrupt your meditation with a swift kick.
Discover hidden achievements, write your name at the top of the high score table.
Bring your balancing ability to perfection and become the most steadfast monk in history, putting even Buddha himself to shame.

And here is the most important thing, a link to the game:


Great game. A simple but fun concept. Well done.


I always love a crazy game like this… I might try it…

Love the Duck Hunt like duck flying in.
Game looks cool, good work, well done!

I tried it today but I can rarely get past one duck… They either seem too high or too low and when they seem in distance my kick doesn’t seem to work… Am i doing something wrong here? Can I have a few tips?

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

The picture is not loading on my computer…

Please, try that link:

Actually it is working on my iPad now… Don’t know why it wasn’t working on my laptop…

Looks like a very small time gap between when you can kick the duck and when the duck hits you…

I tried this out. Like others have said, the “sweet spot” where your kick is valid seems much too short. Maybe have some visual indicator (at least for the first few ducks) to make it more obvious?

I could see this becoming pretty fun with a bit more variety: different types of enemies, different types of attacks, leveling up, etc.

All in all, nice work. Seems well-polished.

Looks amazing , I have noticed a minor issue , it seems some of your pixels are squished , look in the top right corner of your second picture at the button and you can see that some of the pixels are squished horizontally or vertically. The concept is brilliant and simple.