My last 4K game for a while:
Drive the bike around the track.

Looks, Good… Reminds me of a game I had on sega!!!

Cool, but i still prefer trucker4k to be honest. This is two fold.

a) you can just keep goin round in circles around the start maker and get a REALLY fast time!

b) trucker had more “umph” in it. I mean you could try and replace the dude with an image (say a png). Even perhaps remove the different colours of the road to get the image in…

But still cool tho, keep it up!


Yeah, think this is similar to a lot of games. In fact I (obviously) had big problems naming it since Pole Position, Chequred flag, Full throttle, 500 cc and Moto GP and more already was taken. This game uses real 3D calculations though and not the fake stuff that Pole Position used.

I started this game way too late and didn’t really get it finnished, GFX wasnt really done, half legs missing for example… and player obviousley have to obey to unspoken rules (going in circles and so on) :smiley:

I have always wanted to to a Pole Position clone, so it had to be done, but all in one day, and that is really too short time :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone actually likes trucker except me :slight_smile: I thought it was too difficult for anyone who didn’t code it to like it

I have improved the look of the biker and I have also added another track. Press 1 or 2 to select track. Tracks were added after deadline of the competition, so I put that in a separate file. Also improved the handling a bit. I might create a map editor if there is any interest.

Best time so far is 89.77 sec on track one.