Match Blocks 3

Match Blocks 3:


Started working on this game Monday evening, was no-lifing yesterday, did some fixes today, and hey, there we go, Match Blocks 3.

In this game you have to search matches of 3 blocks(you didn’t guess, right).
All blocks have 3 properties, background color, shape and shape color, the properties must be all the same, or all different, for example one star, one square and one triangle, or 3 orange shapes.
I hope the tutorial is more clear :slight_smile:

Sounds were made with this lovely tool: BeepingBoomBox (BBB) by Grunnt

Play Store:
Match Blocks 3

Is also coming to Play Store soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Supported singleplayer modes:

  • race against clock
  • play vs computer
  • time attack

Last feature is implemented:

Feedback is appreciated! And above all, have fun! :slight_smile:

Pretty fun game… I think it would be cool to add a count-down to when the AI goes to add pressure.

It was pretty difficult at first, but it gets easier the more you play.

Thanks for your idea, lets find some empty space to draw some text :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ok, little update:
Cleaning up memory after switching screens. (my mobile was only able to handle 1 game, and then memory was full). So it now runs fine on my little 128MB, 3 years old mobile.
Some sounds made with this lovely tool:
(Download link is also updated)

And does somebody have an idea for a new singleplayer mode?

Currently supported:

  • race against clock
  • play vs computer

Thanks for feedback/ideas, and above all, have fun!

PS: Would an apk-file on dropbox be nice to test or is that superfluous?

An apk file would be fine, I’m sure you’re not trying to give us all viruses!

Huge update, too much to mention, video (and the updated screenshots in main post) say enough I hope:


And don’t forget, play it for free, desktop download is in main post, have fun!

Is also coming to Play Store soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Last feature for now is implemented:

Yeah, Rewards/Goals!

It’s ready for Play Store now!
But first things first, I want to build a trailer for that.
(And tons of images for the play store)

Yeah, I finished this game and have it uploaded to the play store!

Play Store:
Match Blocks 3

Have Fun All!