Marching Cubes Implementation in LibGDX

I understand the marching cubes algorithm.

It requires an array of 256 sets of vertices (from 0 to 1, assuming that each cube has a size of 1).

Where could I get this array or how could I generate it?

I’ve seriously looked everywhere, several times and there just isn’t a place with an array like this. Thanks for any guidance!

That can certainly not be true. :slight_smile:

took me 2 seconds to search for “marching cubes” in Google and the first hit for me was:
“Polygonising a scalar field (Marching Cubes) - Paul Bourke”
Search for “int edgeTable[256]”

Oh, yeah! I’ve seen that site before but don’t really understand what the arrays are doing. What’s the size of the cubes in that table for instance and how does the edge table work? Thanks!

What do you mean by “What’s the size of the cubes?”
It has no size. The “cube” consists of 8 sampling points which you can map to any 3D cartesian coordinate system with any scale you like.
The article explains what the edge table contains.