LWJGL resize and delta

I have a resizable LWJGL display, it works fine, just that the timing doesn’t calculate that there was a long delay between the frame were I wasn’t resizing, and the frame that I was resizing (Current).

So delta (Time in ms between frames), freaks out and thinks my computer lagged.

Were I’m using deta:

 sunX += 0.3f * delta; 

My timing class:

package passage.games.pdday.handling;

import org.lwjgl.Sys;

public class TimingHandler {
	private long lastFrame;
	private float fps;
	private float frame;
	private long lastFPS;
	public void init(){	
		lastFPS = getTime();
	public void tick(int delta){
	public int getDelta() {
	    long time = getTime();
	    int delta = (int) (time - lastFrame);
	    lastFrame = time;
	    return delta;
	public long getTime() {
	    return (Sys.getTime() * 1000) / Sys.getTimerResolution();
	public void updateFPS() {
		if (getTime() - lastFPS > 1000) {
			fps = frame;
			frame = 0;
			lastFPS += 1000;

	public float getFps() {
		return fps;

			int delta = timingObj.getDelta();