LWJGL 3D Game Engine Series [GERMAN]

Hey Guys,

I’ve started a new Tutorial Series about how to create a 3D Game Engine in Java with LWJGL on my Youtube Channel but it is in German.I Know in the forum are some german users so if they are interested in learning LWJGL please check it out :slight_smile:

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAPTnrIto4ryQR6tlXcU_cg
First Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wQjePxhNVw

Why are you using LWJGL 2 instead of 3?

@Longor1996 is right. If you are just starting your tutorial series, it might be better to switch to LWJGL 3, because:

  1. LWJGL 2 is long deprecated and not maintained anymore (only for very critical bugfixes)
  2. there are tons of tutorials on how to setup your Eclipse project for LWJGL 2
    But what people actually have problems with, is setting up a working project with LWJGL 3, since there is still very scarce information about that.
    It would be perfect to have a video about that!

Yeah I know that I want to start a LWJGL 3 Series too but currently there is not much people that view my Videos but I think about that.Are you German too or do you understand it :smiley: ?

@TGStudiosDE: Yes, I am from germany and can thus watch your video, which by the way seems okay for a beginner in tutorial-making. Also, please don’t think about the amount of views you will get at this stage: you wont get very far and might as well give up.

Oh Okay I will start a 3D LWJGL Tutorial Series in the Future because I also think this would be more effective :slight_smile: