Ludum Dare 27

It’s on this weekend!

48 hours (or 72 if you do the jam) to make a game based on the theme (announced at the start of the competition).
Last time they had 2346 games. This time there will most likely be more.

Ludum Dare website

Theme voting is in progress, but you can vote on the rounds that are still open.

Good luck!

I am very excited! First time in a long time, I am not busy during it! And on top of that, I had enough free time to do an actual warm up game and do some preparation setting up things beforehand. Can’t wait!

I’m gonna do this one, and I hope that it goes well…
Its my first time

I am going to be doing it again this time! This is now my 3rd time and I am very excited. I am using the great libGDX.
Good luck ecveryone! :slight_smile:

Totally doing this. I hope the theme will be something interesting.

I feel that as the amount of people entering increases, the quality of the theme decreases.

If it’s something like Minimalism again, I will just give up and take maybe the second place theme.

(I was actually away for LD26, and glad of it too)

Me and my friend are entering the jam!

We’re excited as all hell. It’s our first time entering! :smiley:

It has to be the weekend before school starts -.-

Lucky me I guess. I’m homeschooled!

The last few have happened during finals weekend crunch study time or various other things! at least for me!
Although school starts monday(right after the comp) I am glad of this time more than the others!

My first ludum CANT WAIT!!! i lose out 6 hours though! welp.

The heck is you must leave it behind?

School already started for me :slight_smile:

New to this.

It says you can use any library that is publicly accessible, correct?

How is it fair for them to have someone who wrote a game under Unity go against someone who wrote a game under just the JDK, or libGDX? Or does it not work like that? Sorry for my ignorance on this.

Same here. :emo:

I don’t think it can be completely fair, with all the different languages. I just leaned to deal with it and know that in my mind, I was just there to have a great time. Also, I feel a lot more accomplished when I produce a game that is just as good or better than someone using unity. :wink:

I honestly think Unity is good for the new game developers.

They get a great chance to learn scripting and all the assets required to make a game.

I think this is just a flaw with us Java people; We rely on libraries, not fully-created engines.

Some of the highest rated games I’ve seen have been pretty ‘simple’
Also, A lot of the things I’ve seen created with unity in a very short time, usually have a very similiar ‘look’ to it. so I think some people get tired of it. For Java, there is always Java Monkey Engine thing.
Also, if you really want to do something complicated, work on it weeks/months beforehand as a engine framework and just have it be publicly available. Some people do ‘prep’ work before, others don’t. Oh well :yawn:

Its really about the gameplay, a lot of times

No, I am wrong, its not.

Ludum Dare is about you. Its about having fun while making a game. That’s why there are no real prizez or lasting recognition.
Or at least that’s how I see it.

Whos to say engines cant use java O:

I sense that this is developing into the libraries-versus-engines argument again. :yawn:
Please, we don’t need that again.

Just look

The #1 is a java game, and using LWJGL!

I think we are just fine :smiley: