Ludum Dare 21 - Vampire Runner - arielsan - Gemserk

Guys, I made a game for las Ludum Dare, I wasn’t so happy with the results but after reading ppl good feedback about the game being so fun I changed my mind :stuck_out_tongue:

The game is a Canabalt clone where you move through obstacles instead jumping over them, the first idea was to make a vampire running away from the sun light but in the end I forgot to add the sun…

Here is an image of the vampire running:

And here is an image where the vampire ran out of energy while moving through an obstacle.

I want to share it with you, here is my Ludum Dare entry, and here a blog post about it.

The Android version is not optimized and looks a bit ugly but should work right.

Oooh that was fun! Great job!!

I already played and rated on LD48 site. This is totally cool :slight_smile:


I wrote a small post mortem of the game if someone interested.

For the PC version i get a “desktop operation not supported on platform” exception.

This game was really fun! I like the simplicity in it.

Yes, quite fun…but…

If I hold the mouse down and briefly pick it up and drop it again–the number of steps that the vampire takes can vary considerably, like from 1/2 to 2 full animation cycles.

Can you do something about the varying amount of lag from the MouseEvent to the superpower status change? It might be an artifact of the JVM switching? I’ve had to do considerable wrangling with real time events when using them to control audio, too.

Curiously, if one holds down the mouse in the “open air” and the power runs out, it then regenerates without the release of the mouse. Was this an intended feature?

Really good job. Definitely has the “you can see death coming” aspect. I couldn’t quite get past 300 points–highest score was 290, despite playing for 10-15 minutes (maybe more). But I kept trying, until I realized the degree of mouse event lag was kind of out of my control.