Love is ...

Love is … a puzzle game where you create or break the rules.
It comes with an online editor with upload function and some cool levels. I hope you like it.

It is made with libgdx and the basic idea is from the great game baba is you.

Play it here:
Android version:
Desktop version:
Html version:


This game is really good. ;D ;D ;D

  1. At first, it is confusing because there is not enough rule to explain the situation
  2. After i grasp the concept of this game. this must be the most creative sokoban style game. i really damn like it
  3. is it just only 14 level? i wish it had more level

I still dont understand the ‘is key’ concept on level 11. i reach the goal by push the fire into padlock and the pad is let me in and then i go to my goal is a rock

At first thanks for the reply. =)

At the moment I am creating more levels. But you can do it either with the editor :wink: :smiley:

Oh thanks that was a bug. In the new version, which is online, that bug is removed. =) Thanks

Did you make this game using java language with libgdx? or html5 with javascript in it? ???
I didnt know that java could accomplished client-side programming without using java applet?

for the game i found a bug that if some of the word can get stucked above the character. so, if some character moves the word will be moving along with the character

New version is online with more tiles, more text and more levels.

I tried to make a new game in the game. Yeah, thats funny. =)

Yes, I made the game in java with libgdx. And with gwt libgdx made a Javascript version.

I removed the bug and some more :persecutioncomplex:

Wow good work! What about sound and music? it seems i forgot to post about that because, the game is too creative and simple
;D ;D ;D ;D

Until now I had no plans with music und sounds but it is a good idea.

A new version is online because I want to play sokoban with that game. :wink: And I added more levels and some new tiles. For me it is really fun to make that game and create levels.


Yeah the game is really too creative. I swear it :point: 8) 8) 8)

We can play ice sled, sokoban, pushing wall, fill the holes, changing goal, etc.
what else do we need to play? the game is like a pack of retro gaming that oldies love.

i think i found a bug in the userlevels. it seems the option doesnt go and i still can click between level in-game

Oh thanks. I removed that bug und some logic bugs (with strange combinations :smiley: ).
I uploaded a new version. All in all there are now 30 levels + the userlevels. I am happy with the result.
Now I can search some music or try to create my own.

For music creation i use bosca ceoil and sunvox (its not a beginner friendly)
all of them were freeware and DAW digital audio workstation meaning you can create sound but to me, it sounds so corny so i recommend you use bfxr

and good luck for searching your own audio!

;D ;D ;D ;D

In the last day I removed some bugs (for example was it possible to push a text and after that the text disappeared …) and I published the game to the android playstore.

Next step found some nice music/sound effects.

You can find the android version here:

And if you like you can download the desktop version:

Or play the html version:

well well well! ;D

A new version is online:

Whats new:

  • I added a new word “ghost” and the word “and”
  • I added more levels
  • I removed many logic bugs
  • I created new logic bugs (perhaps)

New version is online with if then statements and new words =)
So much more new levels possible =) I like it. =)



A new version is online with

  • now 48 levels + more than 30 userlevels
  • better ui/optical feedback
  • much faster logic (~200 times) -> web version runs better =)
  • removed serveral bugs

I am really happy with that version =)

Play it here:
Android version:
Desktop version:
Html version: