Lords of FastestScore

Strategy game.

Audience: People who have played strategy games for too long.

Possible scenario:
You started with starcraft, first it was awesome, got bored. Later you found red alert/ AoE -> they seemed to be more preffesional products, but got bored even quicker.
Once you found stronghold crusader, it was fresh, because you were tired of peasants micro management in the past.
Forgetting skill trees is also good, because of how pointless it is to re-research every time. No need to ‘be everyhwere’ on the map.
AI was too dissapointing in stronghold.
Strategy games: gather-build, gather-build, attack -> is no longer interesting for you. They are boring no matter how good it is promised to be.
You may also tried WW2 tactical games like desert rats vs afrika korps. But they have no replayability.
Later you moved to nemesis of the roman empires. Actually not bad.
You even desperately tried to find something on flash games.
Try my game at this time.

Game focus on features:
No micro management of peasants-workers-slaves-peons.
Combat phases: predict-choose and watch. Battles is automatized, no need button bashing.
No skill trees.
Economy too easy.
Diplomacy: varies.
Modest amount of upgrades.
Outdated graphics.
Outdated sounds.
Outdated layout.

I will add JAR next time.
I abandoned my SpringLietuvis MMORPG.

Combat, in development.

Available oil pots for castle defense.
Graphic change in castle changes + sounds.
Recruiting, now, also demand own people. It takes longer to build army. Pure gold is no longer enought.

Collecting and creating sounds.

Download JAR available:

respect points for updating!

Finished battlement city design and functions