Looking to create a small dev team

I am hoping to find 3-4 people interested in being in working as a team to create videogames, this team needs to be comprised of 2 programmers, 1-2 graphic artists and someone capable of creating sounds effects/music for the projects. The projects will be 100% thought up and developed by the group and if the group decides to sell the game everyone will receive an equal profit. Please PM me if you are interested or have any further questions.

EDIT: The team has been formed, thank you to the people that showed interest.

So what role do you play in this team?

I apologize, I should have mentioned that I would be lead programmer of this group.

I’m interested in exploring this further.

If it works out, I would be contributing my sound library as well as sound effects and music (I am also a composer). I know it’s not usual for the musician to also be a coder. I’m interested, in particular, in game designs where the sound/music elements are “dynamic” rather than the usual SF/X and background.

Please check your inbox!

How do you plan on communicating?

I have PM-d you with offers of myself and a musician.