Looking for team experience

Team Info:

  1. Zeke
  2. Joker

Programs Used:

Comm. - Skype / Email
Version Control - Git / Github


https://github.com/gemurdock/jMonkeyTesting - For learning jMonkeyEngine3

// Start of Rant

Ok, I have replied to two others who wanted to do this. Apparently they are not committed enough to even reply back. Saves me time anyways…

// End of Rant

Anyways, here is what I am going trying to learn.

  • jMonkeyEngine 3 (Started)
  • libGDX (Later, will be mainly android)
  • Blender (Started)
  • How to work as a team
  • Create my own game engine (Started)

If you are interested, reply here. I would love to work together. I am highly inexperienced in game programming… I understand it, but can’t do much past the basics as far as 3D is concerned. As far as Java… I have been programming for years. So that is not new to me.

I have a server I could set up to work on or we could just use github and allow others in the community to contribute periodically. I don’t really have anything set as I am trying to be flexible until I find at least one other person to work with, prefer 2… max 4.

You have to be committed to working weekly, that does not mean that you won’t have weeks were you do nothing… but I want some commitment is all.

If you are more experienced, I will obviously take your lead and have no issue with that… but I do warn you… if you cause an imbalance in a team then you will be warned… then kicked if necessary.

We will be using git for projects, no exceptions unless you convince me otherwise. (Better have good argument)

I don’t care your age, just be mature… as I know people who are 40 years old and act like they are 7 and vise versa… well… maybe not that young. You get the point. (Can still be fun, just not 12 year old piss everyone off “fun”)

Like I said, just reply here to ask questions RELATED to the topic. Whatever you do, don’t reply saying “Good luck”… I don’t believe in luck… only the force.

Just trying to get some team experience in… not trying to make this a second job for anyone…

Sorry btw if I seem a little ticked… it is because I am…

Hey man, I’d be interested in something like this. Could you PM me with more details of what you plan to do, how we could get in touch, what project we would be working on etc?

Here’s a few hints for doing things like this.

Start the game before you look for people to work with. This is very important. If you look at all the other topics like this, you’ll see that they fail to even start. If you have something already made, it will give the project direction.

Also note:

Make sure the people joining are actually experienced.

Make they know who’s boss. If they can’t co-operate, kick them out or they’ll drag down the whole project. On the other hand, don’t be too bossy. Allow input, but you should get the final say. It is your project after all.

Thanks for the tip, but the point of it is to start very beginner. I am not too worried about it… more so want to test my teamwork skills and ability to learn from others and teach when needed, but you are very correct. Thanks for the tips. :slight_smile:

Will send in a couple minutes… SENT. if you don’t get anything within 2 hours reply here.