Looking for programmer on my visual learning project

Hi everyone, my name is Kai and I’m designing a visual learning material for my expertise: a certain subject in finance. The idea is to help people learn the subject and understand financial statement by playing interactions on an app, with my video explanations embedded in the app.
It doesn’t look like a game but the interactions are more similar to a game than to any other kind of apps.

I’ve designed 80% of the content via Axure but I don’t know how to code, so I need a full-stack developer to work with me to make it happen. It mainly involves front-end technics but some features like user register and study progress tracker need some close to minimum level of skills on back-end. I’m willing to pay for the work but I’m not sure if my fund is sufficient to cover all the costs, maybe we can talk about it and figure out a way if you are interested.

Here is an example of my idea, it converts this:

into this:

It looks kind of like visual coding at a glance, and it uses fixed-step interactions, with every step retrievable. The interaction involves drag, click, movement, and change of size, so far. It’s gonna be in Chinese version, if successful we’ll make it in English version since the subject shares a lot similarities worldwide.

Anyway, contact me if you’re interested and capable of making it. We can discuss commercial plans and details. My email is wellreceived AT sina DOT com ; Thank you.