Looking for indie team working on a virtual world game

I’ve spent the last several years working with social games, was the lead dev on a dozen or so successful games,including 2012 social game of the year. I’m now working on an open source server side engine for massive multiplayer games. I’m getting to the point where I want to work with this project in the context of a real game.

In exchange for taking a chance on a completely new engine, you would get an experienced dev who would help with game specific logic as well as the work I will continue to do on the core engine.

The project needs to be a virtual world. I’d prefer to work with people who are somewhat experienced and where our talents compliment each other. Most of my work is in the evenings and on weekends, I have a full time day job outside the game industry right now (which is why I even have time for something like this:) )

The game engine is a mix of java and ruby using jruby http://www.jruby.org. It uses the Akka framework http://akka.io to provide a solid actor model with messaging. Netty http://netty.io to provide UDT/UDP connections for the client, and a built in entity-component system for game logic and messages between actors. Most of the foundation that you need for a scaleable platform is in place. I’m currently working on server side game object/player tracking and navigation/pathfinding. You can read a bit more about the engine here:

Anyone interested in talking about this, just send an email to chris at ochsnet.com


Chris Ochs