Looking for a team to develop games with. (1 wip game)

Hello, I’m looking for a team to develop games with, using the LightWeightJavaGameLibrary(LWJGL)
Right now, i am coding the games myself and having graphics done from a friend.
The game I’m currently working on is a 2Dimensional survival one,
my goals are to add a bunch of awesome features like:

.Basics (Inventory, health, mana, energy, a ton of items, food…)
.Large world

And to make it really great to play.

Here is a little video of what i have made so far.

I have many great ideas and challenges to achieve, and therefore
i think it would be a great idea to code it with others as the game
could be done way faster and there’s more time to implement features
as there is less effort to do everything by myself.

Why would you want to team up with me?

Well, if you are already looking for a team,
and doesn’t have an ongoing project this
would be a great opportunity to meet up
and make new friends, as well as be social
and have a lot of fun together in the making.
or, if you simply are bored and don’t have anything
to do.
If you love creating games but don’t have any good ideas,
or perhaps if you cant quite manage to finish things off.

Also if you are lvl 10 and have over 500 Technology or Design points. :wink: :wink: :wink: (Game Dev Tycoon joke .-.)

And I’m not going to pay anyone.

I preferably wouldn’t be managing the team, and as far as
it comes to splitting up the work, each individual will be
working on a certain area, that is currently under development.
For example, someone will be working on the inventory list and items
as someone else is working on the world layout.

If any of these options fit you, you’re very welcome!

//Piezy46 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I personally don’t want to join because I am busy with other projects, but I think you should really provide more information on your game. All you said is it’s “this” and “I plan on adding some more awesome features”… well what features, do you have a plan for the game laid out? Who is managing this team? If you’re managing it, how do you plan on splitting up the work? Etc, etc. I typically don’t join teams unless the project manager has a well designed, laid-out plan. Just some suggestions.

I do hope for you that you’ll find someone to team up with. I gave you already some advice on your post on the LWJGL forum, but I think you did not quite get me, or rather I did not express myself clearly. :slight_smile:

You are in search for company and finding people with alike interests. That’s perfectly okay, but one honest advice to you:

Think more about what you can offer. You phrase your inquiry rather like you need some workpower to help you complete your project. And it’s of course only natural to some extent that two people can do more work than one single person. No need to mention that. :slight_smile: This is not a motivation to get others going for your project.

People usually value their time and only put energy into/help with something when they see some value in it.
With established community projects there is the feeling of being part of something bigger and helping others, like here on JGO. There are a lot of such possible motivations. Think about them.

Try to put yourself in the position of a potential team member by asking yourself: Would I join this project when I had something going on for myself? And chances are, if you are interested in game development, then you very likely already have a fountain of own ideas and implementation projects.

Or try it this way: Instead of posting that you search for team members for your own project, search this subforum for other people also looking for team members. Read their posts carefully and if you find yourself saying “no, I wouldn’t join them, because of XYZ” ask yourself whether you provide that XYZ in your own post/project.

Anyway, nothing has been said here which cannot also be found in the replies to other posts in this subforum. So, do go ahead and scan those posts. Hopefully you’ll find someone. :slight_smile:

Good luck!