Looking for a team - Remove Tanks game


I am looking for someone who would like to create levels in the 2d top down game. The game is
based on a simple game model - the player controls the tank, and his task is to destroy all enemies.
In addition to the simple gameplay, I built the game so that you can easily introduce new mechanics,
vehicles, obstacles, etc. Game is open source.

I am a programmer and graphic designer (beginner). After discussion, we could also introduce new elements,
game modes and modify existing ones.

Levels are built in the TiledMap editor program (open source) using the prepared tileset and ready
objects to be placed on the board. Level parameters (systems and triggers) are created in simple xml
files. Of course, I will explain everything that will be needed.

The game is open source, so I do not offer any salary for my part - only co-authorship of the project and
exchange of experience.

The game looks like this:


I could help you with that 8)

I sent you a private message.

I’d like to design levels if you want :smiley: