Looking for a small team!!

Ok, so the big part of this before you say you want to be on the team. I am still fairly new to this and learning everyday. This being said, I am not asking someone else to create this game for me, I am looking for a team to create it with me.

This game is currently in the planning stages, however this is what I have so far.

This will be an online game, I am still considering single player capability.

  • The player will start out with a small farm, the player will be able to design their own farm, based off of a limited amount of tiles. and Place things around the map.
  • Players will be able to make money using their farm, opening shops, hunting, fishing, even mining, and creating needed objects for other players, even quests
  • and more to come

My main idea is to build an actual society of players, by the players for the players. With little contact with non player characters. Although NPCs will still exist for the players who prefer to do things on their own.

If you have experience with sockets this would be preferred, sockets are something I am currently working on understanding, so with this knowledge it would defiantly help the development.

If interested, you can message me, or just post on here. You do not have to be an expert in java, as long as you understand the basics then you are welcome to apply for the team.

  1. Have you ever done something like this before?

  2. You can’t create a game the requires a community to work and expect it to generate a community.

Please, for your own good, back away from group work. It is way more difficult and stressful than single-work. Even with experienced people, it is often a challenge. Communication is just horrible with these types of projects.

Oops, I forgot something:

  1. Once you get the people (if you get the people) to work on it, are you hoping to start on the project?
  1. No, I have done a few simple games, I am basically doing this to improve my abilities then I will probably give this source out for others to use.

  2. I am aware of that, I am still looking into other and better ways to make this work, this is why I am not removing NPCs. I am open to any suggestions if you have some.

  3. If/When I get people I want to get their opinions, on what they believe the game should contain and decide together what all the game is capable of. So I guess you could say, No, I do not plan on immediate programming. However I do plan on starting the discussions as soon as possible.

Thank you for your input I will defiantly keep this in mind for future projects, but I do feel that working with a team would be nice, this way I can we can all hopefully help each other improve.

Then the question is why would someone who is capable of making this project work with you when they are probably better off by themselves.

Make the game at least somewhat playable by yourself.

Trust me, you will not get past discussing.

I’m not trying to be mean and say your project is a stupid idea. For the most part it makes sense.

What I’m trying to get across is that you’re being too ambitious. Working in a group does not always make things easier. In fact, unless you have a leader with a strong sense of direction for the project, you will just spend all your time arguing.

How do I know this? Looks through some of the threads almost exactly like this one started in this board. Do any of them show any evidence of work being started? No.

Take this advice:

  1. Build up your skills working by yourself.
  2. If/When you get into group projects, have something to show before you ask for people to help. If you don’t have anything to show, why should they join you?
  3. Don’t give up. Some ideas won’t work, but there are plenty more out there for you to choose from.

Trust wessles, we are in a team together with another member on this forum and although we have fun, not much work gets done. Sure, we are all friends and we game together/talk about whatever now, but if you are looking to get a serious dev team then I think you would have better success rounding up a few people from your local area so you can work face to face. There’s always more pressure in real life than over the internet.

Not to say it can’t work though! My team has done some nice work, it’s just been a bumpy road at times.

I suppose when you put it like that you are right, I understand this will be a hard project to do with a team. I mostly wanted the team experience, I ran through a few of the other threads as well, you are absolutely right, I think I should hammer out all the details and just ask for opinions from other players. Do not worry, I am not the type to get offended as long as it is criticism that will actually assist me. IF you would of just said, that’s stupid or you’re retarded, I would of been offended. But with criticism I can learn what experienced programmers think of my project ideas, etc… Now that I have simply blabbed I will take your advice. I am not giving up, and it may take longer but if I can do at least most of this by myself then I will improve quite a bit.

My biggest problem is that I am the only person around my area (That I am aware of), that can program in java. Most people around here do not even know what www stands for lol.

One huge problem you will have with your team, is chances are absolute no one will be as dedicated as you. You don’t think that’s a big deal now, but wait until you’re doing 70% of the actual work, and spending half of your time explaining to every one how to do the remaining 30%.

… and if you think for some reason you can overcome that with “great staff”, let me ask you this, want to help me with my project? I only work on it about 8-10 hours a day, all I ask from you is at least 5.

…Want to? no? . . . Exactly. :wink:

I’d love to. Didnt know you were looking for help.

heh, I’m actually not. I was just making the point most people have no interest on working on “someone else’s project” for 6+ hours a day :smiley:

If I took on help, I honestly don’t even know what I’d have them do, since I want to do all the programming myself and I don’t think we have many artists on the forum who can do my style of pixel art. >_>

Team work isn’t horrible, but you need a leader to actually get things done. You can’t just form a small group and get a project done instantly. I’m the member @opiop65 was referring to, and it’s really not that bad.

As long as you are dedicated towards the project and have a large interest for whatever you’re doing, you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

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