Looking for a sample

I’m looking for a basic JOGL sample showing how to draw perhaps one triangle with a vertex and a pixel shader. The shaders don’t have to do anything in particular - merely copy the values for the geometry unchanged. If anyone can share such a simple sample, I would be most appreciative!


Someone posted on this forum some port of Nehe examples using JOGL 2.0 but with OpenGL 3, I don’t find the link :frowning: Anyway, DemoscenePassivist on the official JogAmp forum will probably be able to help you as he has good skills in shaders with JOGL. You should look at the examples provided with JOGL 2 on Github too.

The jogamp forum did provide a solution as suggested. This sample looks promising in its minimalism:


This sample is now moved into the jogl-demo git repository.

http://labb.zafena.se/?p=547 - My complementary blog article to this RawGL2ES2demo.