Looking for 3d open source games made using lwjgl 3

Hello all
im trying to learn lwjgl 3 lib and 3d in general
can you please point me to free open source 3d games that i can learn from ?

Are you looking for code that uses only LWJGL, or via engines/frameworks like LibGDX or jMonkeyEngine?

using LWJGL and not engine that encapsulate it

Kaihh’s stuff is great, take a look here:

And check out his other posts in this forum

yeah i have those , but im looking for more 3d game stuff

There really isn’t much of it about. In fact the only one I can think of is Minecraft that is even made in Java, and it’s not open source.

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[quote]im trying to learn lwjgl 3 lib and 3d in general
Ehhh, let me fix that for you:

[quote]im trying to learn OpenGL, GLSL and 3d in general and want to use it with Java
There isn’t much you need to learn about lwjgl, it’s a wrapper/binding of OpenGL with some tools and batteries included:

[quote]LWJGL is an enabling technology and provides low-level access. It is not a framework and does not provide higher-level utilities than what the native libraries expose.
What you want to learn about is OpenGL 2.0 and above. There are lot’s of C/C++ open source game projects using OpenGL out there, the APIs are very similar in Java and C++.

Top 371 Opengl Open Source Projects

ok i will try another question , what is the main 3d engine in java that wrap lwjgl 3 ?

Hello :slight_smile: ,

You can look at my project, “Koin3D”. This is a 3D engine written in java, on top of LWJGL 3.
There is even a small game project in it, “Mount Rainier Island”, that serves as a test case.
But it is far from being the “main” 3d engine in java !
I think the main 3D engine that wraps lwjgl is jmonkeyengine.

I’m pretty sure LibGDX is used even more than jMonkeyEngine and also offers 3d support, albeit less powerful.

There’s also Jake2, a Quake2 port: https://bytonic.de/html/jake2.html. The source code is available in the Download section.

Admittedly there’s also Battledroid but that’s not open-source… yet.

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Also ThinMatrix’s game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/853550/Equilinox/
It was available via gdrive if you were a patreon supporter. I’m not sure if you still can download it from anywhere, but I’m sure if you ask for a earlier version, you will get it.


This game of yours would be a perfect candidate to open source without any of the drawbacks tbh.

  • Since it’s a free MMO players do not gain anything from building the game themselves.
  • You can use the many eyes on your source to squash bugs and close exploits early. A secure MMO does not need client-side obfuscation, the server decides what to do and show.
  • You can use the “open sourcing” as a marketing tool: contact game- and game-dev-magazines and deliver them a compelling story about the revolutionary act of open sourcing the entire game at launch and its benefits. Im pretty sure that can garner some attention if done right since it’s a controversial topic under devs. Also don’t forget platforms like reddit, people love to bicker about that stuff, that’s free marketing and potential fanboys right there.


That’s a really good candidate to learn from, i watched some of ThinMatrixs videos and his coding style seems very clean and nicely abstracted.

Java code is practically already open-source anyway, as it’s trivial to decompile. So it almost certainly will be open sourced once we’ve got it all working properly.

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I’ve got quite a few open-source 3D games that use various engines. All are playable