Looking for +1 to join LWJGL RPG

I’ve been working with Java off and on for 3-4 years using Java2D and jPCT, however, about a month ago I decided to switch entirely to lwjgl in an effort to learn more.
Since my venture into lwjgl I have been working on this little “3D RPG”. And while it’s not very aesthetic, the content is growing more and more. The foundation is solid and being refined constantly.
This project isn’t for $$ I’m not selling membership, or even hosting it. The purpose of this is to learn and have fun. And I will be releasing the source code upon final completion.

I use my own generic systems for randomly generating foliage, and ores, as well as texturing tiles appropriately based on nearby resources. On top of that the game uses A* path finding to generate assorted paths then textures the path with stone. Each map chunk is generated on the fly and saved into a map file as you enter it. There is “no limit” to how far you can go.

Spawn area:

Projectiles / particles / explosions:

Edit: Fully functional user interface setup…

You can find more on my YouTube channel:


Still there?
Awesome. Maybe you’re actually interested.

  • So what I’m looking for is a programmer with a strong understanding of gl shaders who can help me make the game look smoother, and aid towards creating a defined appearance for this project.
  • I would also be interested in having somebody create an editor tool which could be used to save voxel structures into a file, so that they can be loaded in-game as compiled structures. (Note: each map chunk already loads voxel structures from a map file but is either random generated or hand typed)