Hey @Riven, this is @FabulousFellini with a new account. I can’t login to my real account, the google login has been broken for me for about 2 weeks. Is this a known issue? / can you fix it so I can log in thru google?

Our overlord has, apparently, not been seen by anyone in 2020 yet. His profile says last “activity” was on January 8th. No posts since October.

This is actually what has stalled and by now more or less killed progress on the forum migration. You and a few other people who have the same problem might be out of luck.

Well, shit. Maybe I’ll just start over with this profile. Thanks for responding @Drenius

You might, but even then, other problems arise. If the forum ever goes down on its own again, there is a chance that it will stay down that time.

Some people have predicted this place would die, but I don’t think anybody expected it to happen like that. We will see.

As for my usual mention: for those of us who want to stay in touch with some people from here, we also still have the inofficial Discord.