LodeScape RPG

Hey guys recently I started making this game in February and I’m proud to shore of my progress here. Right now this is an alpha version of an rpg. There is a little bit if a first quest added that lets you go fishing, trading, and tree cutting. Of course more will be added as soon as possible. There is a download link in this post and more recent videos on the most recent posts.Enjoy!

Here is a little preview of the game:

Here is a download link to try the very Alpha version (updates automatically)

(mac tutorial is down below if you are having trouble)

GitHub link:

(outdated list)
To Do:

  • add collision detection on objects
  • add more blocks to pickup
  • Create crafting menu to make blocks/ house (Sort of implemented)
  • create tools to use
  • change map backgkround to render with no boundries
  • add a game menu
  • randomnly generated terrain
  • some type of farming
  • mob / animal system

Made in libgdx :smiley:

Currently working on: (7/6/13)
secret super cool update!

Trello: (See what im working on and suggest new features)

A very short youtube video showing some simple stuff in the game (not everything is shown)

Added a single place-able object through crafting menu, haven’t updated the download. I will when it is stable.

Just added simple farming system :slight_smile: i think it takes 8 minutes for the crops to fully grow, nothing to major but i thought it was cool enough to update download with it. here is a screenshot of whats going on too:


I really hope that there’s a lot of other stuff to do if it takes 8 minutes to grow crops. :wink:

well…there will be! I really want to see this game through unlike my other abandoned games… But there will be many things added soon to kill the time with!

I think there’s a bug:


The images filename is “tree.png” and is located in the same folder as mc2d.jar
For some reason it appeared in your game.
Once the “tree.png” is renamed/deleted everything works as it should.

I will fix it as soon as I can but the image doesn’t show up… when I open it in a new tab it says 403 forbidden… maybe try uploading the picture in jgo and try again? And the version I uploaded works fine for me… :clue:

It works fine for me as well but it took an external “tree.png” file instead of the internal one.

I uploaded the Image once again:

Thats really weird it should be working fine…

tree = new Texture(Gdx.files.internal("tree.png"));

I am loading the picture from the assets folder so I don’t know why that is happening :frowning:

Added simple pond and plant hydration system:
Hydrating Plants reduces growing time from 8 minutes to 1.6 minutes

Download isn’t updated yet…

It looks great!

However try to make sure the images of the objects match.
The big tree is much lighter then the small tree (at least the shadow should be the same color).
Also most objects are in isometric view (looking at an side and a little the top) while the crops and the water seems top-down (looking at the top).

Thank you very much!

That is a good point and I will have to spend some time fixing that eventually. For now I am not worrying too much about graphics although I understand that is an important aspect of my game.

Just added a system that actually makes the crops grow, as the percent of growth increases so does the size of the crops! I haven’t updated the download as there are some conflicting bugs i need to work out. If you have any suggestions or are really eager to try out the new update let me know!

Here’s a picture of the it:

There is not a gap between the crop sizes, the crops continuously get bigger just to clarify

I just updated the “mining” system so it takes some time for you to collect minerals and they shrink in size as you are collecting them. The download is updated but I am going to take out the hydration system until some bugs have been worked out that occur with the new growth system. Happy playing!

Hi Wreed,

I thought the game looked interesting so I downloaded it, but when I double click it a frame appears and flashes twice then the game closes.

I am on Mac OSX 10.7.5 maybe that has something to do with it. Just wanted to let you know :slight_smile:

Let me know if there is anything I can do on my part so I can try it out :slight_smile:


Thanks for downlaoding :slight_smile: although I have never tested the game on a mac so I am not sure… do you have the latest java version and are there any java console logs you can send me?

Just added a crude implementation of a “crafting” system. currently once you open the crafting menu you can only place trees (even though you can’t technically craft that). I will add more items in the near future and update download link once stable.

There is nothing I can send, the window just flashes and disappears.

I think when you export the game you have to look for an option for “mac application bundle” or something like that to make it work :slight_smile:


Mac application bundle? Blasphemy, this is java
More likely an lwjgl error, run it from cmd TERMINAL

That actually may make it work, I don’t see why there are any errors