Lo-Phi - Video Game Composer for Hire

Hey! name is Hayden Davenport, also known as Lo-Phi–

I have loved video game music for virtually my entire life. I remember playing Banjo-Kazooie on the N64 with my father as a kid. I loved the soundtrack, and I was massively impacted by the power of music in games from then on. Since then I went on to pursue a degree in music composition (which is very close to complete!), and I want to use my knowledge to impact others with music in the same way that I have been impacted.

Some of my favorite videogame soundtracks include: Banjo-Kazooie, Majora’s Mask, Fez, Dustforce, and Super Meat Boy. I’m really interested in interactive music in games, and I love soundtracks with dynamic layering and contextual music.

I can compose in most video game genres, and I am able to emulate the style of specific game music if necessary.

Here are a few tracks I have composed in the past in various styles:
[B]Broken Clipboard (‘Remastered’ Version) - Electronic, Fast, Intense, Spacey!

Arpeggion - Electronic, Atmospheric, Building

Puzzula - Electronic, Upbeat

Funeral March - Film, Orchestral

Broken Clipboard (Retro Version) - 8-Bit, Dark, Spacey!

Blocks and Breaks - Solo Piano, Classical[/B]

Completed Games:
The Cave of Atman (Free Browser-Based Game) – Click here for Soundtrack

Please see my website for further information and pricing inquiries; I look forward to working with you!

Email: haydendavenport@gmail.com
Full Portfolio: haydendavenport.bandcamp.com
Website: Lo-Phi.com

All of your links (for whatever reason) have a %27 before them, are missing the colon between http and //, and have an apostrophe at the end, so they don’t work right now.

Neat! My favorite, as far as just listening, was the first half of “Blocks and Breaks”. You remind me it is still possible to compose with 8-bit sounds (“Broken Clipboard”) which has some catchy stuff in it. Best of luck!

+1 for Broken Clipboard!

Thanks to everyone for the kind words! It’s awesome that you all took the time to listen. :slight_smile:

Good news to those who enjoyed Broken Clipboard! I’m actually 95% done with a “remastered” version of Broken Clipboard. I’ll post it here when I’m done.

Also, Jimmt mentioned I have broken links, but the links aren’t broken on my screen. Would someone else be kind enough verify whether or not they are broken on their computer?

Links are broken for me!


It looks to me like you neglected to put in the “:” on http:// in your links. Edit that in and you should be good to go.

Thanks for the response, and thanks to everyone else who pointed this out. ^.^

I actually had “http://” in there twice, which is probably what caused it. How did I even manage that? Lol.

Now for each link I have: This is the text

Is that correct?

Thanks a lot! ^.^

By the way, I finished the ‘remaster’ of Broken Clipboard. I’ll put it in the original post, or you can check it out by clicking here!

Links still don’t work.

Your tags look like the following:

[url=http://'http://thisisthelink.com]This is the text[/url]

Basic form for the URL tag here is as follows (afaik):

[url=http://thisisthelink.com]This is the text[/url]

To fix, all you have to do is select “Modify” on your previous posts, then delete the extra http://’ prefix to the link.

Thanks! The weird thing is that it shows up correctly on my screen, so I can’t tell when it’s fixed. I deleted the http:// thing again. I tried it before and it didn’t work, but I also didn’t delete the ’ after it. Maybe that fixed it?

The links seem to be fixed now. :slight_smile:

nice tunes, thanks for sharing! very mature orchestration.

just curious, what DAW do you use ?

Thanks! I’m glad, that’s was confusing to deal with, haha.

Thank you! I use Logic Pro X, but to be honest, I think most commonly used DAWs today are really very good and the choice of DAW isn’t that important. It’s mostly just about what you know how to use. Samples and Synths are a different story though!

oh, you’re very right. the DAW is not that important. yet, every one comes with a different flair of composing and maybe unique way to approach things - which you should know in the first place anyway. some lean more into midi, some into samplers or tape-deck like recordings, etc.

from listening i could not tell which one you use, which is a good thing! :wink: … personally i use renoise which is a tracker and a DAW leaning into detailed control over the very tiny timespans - which makes arranging the “big picture” not too accessible. yet it’s totally possible to create any type of genre or sound.

i was just curious, it tells a bit about you.

Hmm… I’ve never really thought about DAWs in that way, but I think you bring up an interesting point. I wonder, if I tried other DAWs, how would that affect my sound? I bet it would effect it somehow. I’ve never heard of renoise. I might have to look into it, I think trackers are cool. I’ve used Famitracker many times in the past to create retro soundtracks. In fact, the only game released to date with my music in it used Famitracker almost exclusively!

New Persona inspired track is up on my portfolio. Listen here!

Just launched my website, and re-branded. Let me know what you guys/gals think. (Also I have a history of messing up my links on this site… Please let me know if I messed that up again… Lol.)

Looking for new games to compose for!