Little Worlds 4k

I made a 4k game for the Ludum Dare 48h compo.

Try it via the entry on the LD blog.

It’s finished insofar as it has been submitted to LD, but I don’t think it’s all that much fun yet. I’m hoping to be able to polish it some and then make a proper version for the 4k. Also, the LD version just runs off the class file rather than the .pack.gz as I couldn’t get pack200 to work right. The archive is significantly below 4k, but naturally, the uncompressed class file is not. :slight_smile:

Any comments and ideas are warmly appreciated!

very cool and original idea. Coin effect is nice.

some coins are uncollectable

gets a little bland as there is not much challenge or risk, maybe some more use of the jump feature, different size planets, risk involved in taking certain elevators, maybe a time limit or some enemies roaming about on planets, etc.

however very nice start.

Thanks, I appreciate the critique! One thing I have been considering is roaming enemies, will definitely think about adding them.

It’s definitely possible to get all of the coins. Some require you to move the bright brown boxes (press spacebar to pick up or drop one). While you’re carrying a box, you can’t jump, but you can use elevators.

That would be a great improvement on what is already a very interesting and original concept for a game. It kind of reminds me a bit of the old Wizball on the C64/Amiga, but a lot different.

The jumping physics seems a bit odd though, doesn’t quite feel right. Also, I seemed to stick to the side of crates some times, not sure if that was intentional.

I really like this game!
A non-4k-version could include nicer Ball and Boxes, but I like the simple other graphics.

Roaming enemies would be really nice.

Maybe some of the “planets” could be rotating?

In Super Mario Galaxy you sometimes leave the gravitation of a planet, and are sucked into space…
(maybe if you jump to high or something…)

Thanks folks, always nice to get some constructive critique. Regarding the gravity, not being able to jump between planet was a conscious design choice, as I think it’d have made it harder to design good puzzles.

You can get up on the big boxes without a small box if you jump enough times :slight_smile: Charge against a big box and jump and you’ll sometimes end up inside it and teleport to on top of it.


I had one odd glitch where I was stuck at the end of a half-elevator for about 10s. Other than that it seems fairly robust. Managed to get myself stuck once and had to restart, but collected all 114 the second time. If you have space then a minimap would be nice, and I agree that some extra challenge would be good.

Mickelukas: Yeah, I just discovered the same thing. Pretty funky bug. :slight_smile:

pjt33: I’ll look into the elevators, see if there’s some problem with those. I considered a minimap, but figured it might make things too easy. Perhaps a minimap without the boxes, just the planets?

As always, thanks for the input. :slight_smile:

The thing I wanted it for most was to find the last 4 coins.

Hi Morre,

Nice and interesting game.

The controls were a bit too tough for me.

Maybe you can slightly increase the gravity
but start out with a much less gravity?!?

I don’t know … just a thought …

Best regards from


Hm, I just get a white applet on Mac OS X 10.6 with Safari. :confused:

Edit: nevermind, just worked after I tried again. Pretty fun, but not amazing. I’ll be happy to see you improve it for Java4k.