List of Learning Resources

[h3]This page is dedicated to good quality learning resources.
Feel free to modify it and throw in any books/articles/tutorials/websites of worth.[/h3]
[h1]Game Development Techniques[/h1]
[h2]Articles & Tutorials[/h2]

[h1]OpenGL - General[/h1]
[h2]Articles & Tutorials[/h2]

[h2]Modern OpenGL[/h2]


Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming, Jason L. McKesson - Archive
[list][li]Java Port by ra4king - Java and Kotlin port by elect86

[h1]OpenGL - GLSL[/h1]

[h2]Articles & Tutorials[/h2]


[h1]The Java Language[/h1]
[h2]Articles & Tutorials[/h2]


I thought it would be nice to have a page for learning resources. I raided my bookmarks bar and added a few links. Please add links for good learning resources. You can also add new categories, e.g Game Engines etc; don’t be too specific though.

When adding hyperlinks, please follow the following format:
Articles & Tutorials
[tr][td]Subject[/td][td]Website or Author[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Title or Name[/td][/tr]

Also please order the links alphabetically.

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They’re not specifically learning resources. These are learning resources in the form of tutorials, articles, books and useful websites. The reason I decided to create a wiki page for this was because it can often be hard to find good, relevant information, and as a beginner I found it hard to find good resources to learn from. Thus, the aim is to try and get people to contribute to this page, which will hopefully help people who are either starting out, or just simply searching for useful information.

Edit: Thanks for cleaning it up. :slight_smile:

Great for maths! Really detailed explanations with in game examples so you actually know what the power of maths is! for more 3D tutorials (more advanced topics relating to 3D graphics)

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