Linux user struggling with android development.

Hi, I have tried just about every android tutorial I could find, including libgdx and OpenGLES tutorials.

Every time there has been some sort of problem even when I just copy the source code, I have litteraly spent days trying to get something, anything to work and I haven’t achieved anything.

I am hoping some people can explain to me the path they went through to learn to deploy to android, what java libraries they use, if you use linux and what kind of pipeline you do for designing your games.

I went through this tutorial:, and despite preferring Netbeans for general development I use Eclipse purely because the Android dev plugin makes life so much easier.

The OpenGL stuff in that website is under “graphics and animation” but don’t skip to that if you’ve never made any kind of Android app before. Make a simple “normal” (as in using the built in GUI stuff) app to start with just to get a feel of developing for Android.

What IDE are you using? Have you considered using Android Studio? It’s made by Google and is based on the well-loved IntelliJ IDEA

Thanks for that! I recently started to get into Android dev stuff, this is amazing. +1!

Thanks for the concern guys.

Personally I’ve found android-studio to be horrible for a beginner, it may be a superior ide for regular android development, but adt/eclipse seems to be better suited to libgdx, at least for the time being.

One of my fellow office workers, an android developer demanded i use android studio or he wouldn’t help me with troubleshooting, well, if I use adt(eclipse) I don’t really have that many problems, following this tutorial: , and it has been working well for me.

There are also a lot more tutorials and resources for learning android development on ADT(eclipse), so that’s what I’ll be doing for now, I tried several other options, including using the android-ndk or straight openGLES, but I havent found the process smooth at all, i think this is going to be the winner.

I developed a game using IntelliJ + libgdx and I love it (

However, there’s nothing wrong with using eclipse.