LinearLayout breakline

I have one LinearLayout with horizontal orientation and I insert TextViews inside it programmatically.
If there is not enough space some TextViews go off screen. I need to force them to go down.

What I have:
|—screen width—|

What I need:
|—screen width—|

How can I do this?

I’m pretty sure TextViews have word wrapping enabled by default - can you post your gui xml?

I need multiple TextViews, not only one.
I found this yesterday. I need to test it.

Edit: Got it. After some painful hours messing around. Not perfect, but works.
For future reference: use .getMeasuredWidth(); to calculate all children views width. Calculate parent view size too and check how many children views fit inside.
This is confuse, and need a lot of “hacks” to work. Calculate all your paddings, etc. But, did the job for me.