Library for making games in java easier.

Around last March I started on a new java project, Lunar.

I made Lunar with a couple of ideas in mind. I wanted it to be easy and simple to use, fast, open-source and community driven.
I also wanted Lunar to be geared towards beginner/intermediate programmers. Lunar is still being developed and is nowhere near done.

I would appreciate it if you could check out the github and maybe even contribute, thank you.

On the theme of making games easier to program with Java, you might be interested in incorporating my GitHub project: AudioCue. The simplest use case is very similar to what you have.

AudioCue cue = new AudioCue(url, n); // n=number of instances allowed that can play concurrently;                                       // allocates default resource, after which cue is ready to play;                                        // simplest way to play a cue, using default vol, pan and freq
cue.close();                                      // deallocates resources, use when cue is no longer needed

The code helps make game-audio easier to code in additional ways: can play sounds back concurrently, and at different speeds, can also change volume, panning or pitch in real time, and can send messages to AudioCueListeners in the graphical or game-logic portions of the project. These capabilities are often useful in game audio, and can be quite a headache to implement with Java’s Clip or SourceDataLine.

License is BSD. If you bring it in (there are just three classes and two interfaces involved in this library) it would be nice to have a link and credit for the code I wrote.

Good luck with your project!

I’ll probably implement this soon enough I’m currently busy with some things right now. But thank you and good luck to you aswell! I’ll defiantly make sure to credit you.