LibGDX Yarn Interactive Dialogues!

Just to clarify: This is a lib for creating interactive dialogues(conversations);


Recently while working on a project I was searching for a way to create dialogues using a third party tool and then import them into my game. I came across a really cool language/tool called Yarn. This is the same tool used for games like Night in the Woods and Knights and Bikes.

It checked out everything I was looking for, and then some:

  • Easy Syntax
  • Branching Node based Dialogue
  • Conditional Statements(e.g <<if visited() >> do this line<>do this<>)
  • Variable Continuity
  • Very Extensible

I created a port of an existing Yarn library for use with libgdx projects.

Here is a link to the YarnGDX github

Here is a link to Short Demo.

Its still not perfect , but currently gets the job done. I am trying to add documentation whenever i get the change but there is basic stuff in the getting started and also a simple example Test Class.

Hope someone finds it useful :slight_smile: