Libgdx TexturePacker/Atlas and Manually

Case 1: Use TexturePacker/Atlas to create a spritesheet with 20 images + .Json/.Atlas
Case 2: Create my own spritesheet (the same of case 1) and load everything manually, X, Y, Width, Height for each region.

Is there any performance difference?

None that the eye could see. Why the question?

You do manually what the code would do for you, so same thing.

Because I want avoid some issues like: “Gwt fails to load TextureAtlas”.
I often use the second case, because I usually do manually, but using texture packer really would save some time and I am thinking it might have some greater advantage of using texture packer:

[quote]“TexturePacker uses multiple packing algorithms but the most important is based on the maximal rectangles algorithm. It also uses brute force, packing with numerous heuristics at various sizes and then choosing the most efficient result.”
So, if if there is no big difference I’ll keep doing it my way.
Thanks for the reply :smiley: