LibGDX snippets collection

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share with you the LibGDX snippet collection I am working on. The idea is to enable almost copy-paste source of some commonly used components in games. The progress is slow, as it is the last item in my priority list, but maybe someone will find this useful. The links above are blog posts, but all of them has the link to fully working sources in my public GitHub repo. Since I am kind of a nab in gamedev, feel free to comment (here, as I disabled the comments in blog so I do not have to deal with moderation tasks) if you see some things which I am doing wrong or just leave a suggestion. I will try to keep this updated.

LibGDX progress bar (+health bar) example

LibGDX window with close button in right top corner

LibGDX floating text example

LibGDX circular progress bar or cooldown timer

LibGDX spell bar

NOTE: the working code for each of the examples can be found in my GitHub repo (each blog entry though has a link at the end of the post)

Why not make a GitHub repo, or several?

There is a link to Github repo link at the bottom of each example :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for sharing, I made a circular progress bar so will have to compare our code as mine was done in a game jam and been meaning to refactor it for some time.

Hey, finally had time again to play with my gaming stuff, there was one pending task, which was the spell bar snippet I wanted to share for quite some time already: As always there is a link for the fully working sources in my GitHub repo. Feel free to leave any comments.