[LibGDX] Rendering dead entities ?

In a top-down shooter game, when you hit someone, I want to see blood on the ground. I want that every hit spawns a new blood texture on the ground.

What is a good way of doing this ? what I did is that each blood is an entity, so hitting someone will add a new blood entity to the list.

So the thing happening every frame is “Gdx.gl.clear()” to well, clear the screen, then for each blood entities, I call “batch.draw()” to draw the bloods, and this is not good, at about 2000 entities the fps count gets abysimal. :cranky:

In an ideal world, I should not have to call “batch.draw()” on “dead” entities like blood. Bloods should be spawned and rendered to the world, and not be cleared by “Gdx.gl.clear()” so I don’t have to call “batch.draw()” to redraw them. :expressionless:

Is there a way to not clear the entire screen in opengx, libgdx? :persecutioncomplex: