LibGDX compatible GLSL clouds (noise based generation)

Hey, as I have promised in my previous( post, I am sharing the sources for the clouds I have been working for a week now I believe.

The teaser…

The main motivation for developing this shader (which I believe still can be optimized further) was the fact that most of the tutorials you see out there propose you the full screen clouds (or at least the clouds which will use the complete width of your viewport). I wanted something simple for my game, something I can use with libgdx actors, spawn them from time to time, in between attacking waves for example, so the user is not bored watching at the same picture. In the sources I am attaching to this post, one of the shaders is mine (the one on the picture, I have just used Simplex Noise implemented by some guy), but the second one was copied and adapted to libgdx from internet (I give credits in both cases). Probably during week-end I might write a bit more detailed instructions how it is created.

Feel free to give any comments… This is kind of my first work in shaders, so I believe I might have made a few screw ups :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S(performance on mobile is horrible…)