I’ve been working on this project for a while, and I haven’t gotten around to positing it on the forum.

LibEcu is a Graphics/Game utility for Logging, Profiling, Asset Management, and Graphics Batching. I made this mainly as a library for myself. But ever since I started I grew more and more into making it for the general public. It’s licensed with and I intend to keep it that way ;).

Here’s some example code for what the engine can do. (Sorry for the huge images…)


Model Batching

And the git repo:

Currently, the engine doesn’t have a version… It has a field for it somewhere, but I haven’t changed it per-commit because the library is still very young, and I’m making really big changes to it.

I also made a mascot way back,

Screen shots:

2D lighting using forward-rendering.

Can’t really see it, but there’s secularity there. :slight_smile:

Two textures are mixed onto one shader

This is actually a demo of batching, not really that pretty.