No time for 48 hour contests? Only a tiny bit of creativity in your brain? Just not enough stamina to stay up all night? Still drooling for a game contest?

Then you’re in the right place!

From here on out I (or other members) will occasionally be hosting a “Petite” game competition. The prize? The prize is the fun! We have no date planned just yet, but I will post one soon. Please mention when you will be free for an hour (make it a solid hour) and we will schedule our very first competition.

The Rules

  • Much like Mini LD, the rules will be up to the person “hosting” the petite competition.
  • You have one hour only from start to finish.
  • You must, if at all possible, get (a microphone && a Skype account) || (an ICQ account). You must be at the aforementioned virtual meeting place using said program 10 minutes before contest start. Only people who are in the virtual area the whole time will be eligible to win.
  • There will (probably) be a provided framework you will need to use. Either way you are encouraged to use one so you don’t spend all your time making one.

Q: Why do I need to be in a virtual meeting area?
A: Because half the point of developing for an hour is the community blitzkrieg it creates.

Q: Why only 1 hour?
A: Because that’s awesome.

Q: Do I have to use Java?
A: Maybe? No? Yes? Depends entirely on the host’s rules.

Q: Is there any way I can help?
A: Yes - if you can contribute to a very simple but very effective game framework (sprite loading, simple entity’s, game loop, loading up frame and all that) then that would be wonderful. Also, we’re going to need someone to make code for voting and submitting games (PHP or something similar).

Questions? Comments? When are you available? Post it all here.

I don’t quite agree with that . For such a short timeframe I would feel much more confortable with my own framework .

True true. So let’s say not required, but provided if you want it. For people who don’t have a framework. :slight_smile:

Or we can just say use whatever the heck you want and let people use Slick or PulpCore or their own stuff etc. Probably we’ll just do that.

1 hour!!!

The only thing I was able to create in 1 hour was a game of Pong, will be fun to see what people can come up with.

Rumor says that in the last 1 hour competition, Markus Person created a MMORPG and got thousands of subscriptions .

Anyway … what about this weekend ? :slight_smile:

Haha, not quite! :smiley:

During TIGJam UK2, I made this in an hour:

I’ll almost certainly be busy this weekend, but I’d love to join in in the future. (Although I’d prefer two or three hours to just one)

Ha, that’s a cool little game. I think I’ll leave the length up to each host to decide. But, seeing as I’ll be hosting this one, I’m going to stick with one hour (probably).

This weekend sounds like a possibility - I might have some of it free. I’ll let you guys know. For now, can you post days/times (GMT) that you will have an hour (or two) to spend this weekend?

very nice idea Demonpants !

I thought about a 4 hours contests some monthes ago but never get the time to properly make one… but you have gone further with your “1 hours contest” :), thanks to you as I really like this idea, this way it will be probably easier to participate for some JGO and also it is more looking as a “game” : like playing a game for one hour (I mean you play a game for one hour and stop, it does not eat all your time)

Oo-er! An hour seems a bit too manic for me! A weekend was bad enough!

On a side note, I was wondering about an online version of Core Wars where competitors try to write competing viruses in a reduced set of assembly. Shouldn’t be too hard to do… (famous last words!) All the entrants would need to submit is a text file.

remember that every one will get the same timelimit of one hour, so it will probably ends in tones of unfinished/unpolished work (that’s the fun), so there is a lot less stress than in a “real/longer” contest no ?

Hmm… it’ll be fun to watch! It’s a good idea, but I think I’ll probably sit this one out…

not 100% related but a nice contest / game could be to make an AI match where you have to built a Robot fighter AI, you got an interface like :

and got one hour to built the best AI, after one hour all Robot are launched in the arena and fight

but… but… once again time time time to prepare such contest…

Hmm, all that it needs is a ‘This Applet has been left blank intentionally’ message, or is it meant to do more than just display white?

I’m glad you all are liking the idea. As for your suggestions, keep them in mind so that you can host your own! I’d like to make these a very regular occurrence, hence the point of making them just one hour long. It’ll likely be a great thing for creating more of a community in JGO. 20 or so posts a day is not enough…

haha, I liek the idea, t’will be akward for the younger ppl, but oh well…

I have one question,

will it be teams? or just single ppl

I struggled with last summer’s 48 hour comp and doubt I can do better than pong or tic-tac-toe in one hour, unless I’m really lucky with the subject and can re-theme something I already have. Also if i only have an hour, I doubt whether I’ll use Skype or ICQ (unless you want to hear an hour long commentary of silence with occasional swearing. I’m in the UK (Now on BST). I am definitely going out Saturday night.

Depends on the host’s rules! I think for all of mine I will allow teams. If you can work well with someone in an hour then bravo to you. :slight_smile:

I just wrote pong to see how quickly I could do this sort of challenge. Took about 2 hours for basic game. At one hour I had very broken version.

It took me two hours to write Tetris.

It’s got to be simple simple simple! Also this is a reason for you to have a framework.

Cool, any progress here? Actually I would like to participate…although one hour is a real challange. Usually it takes me
multiple hours just for the deployment :smiley:

by the way: this weekend is ‘ludum dare’ competition: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/

EDIT: ok,…just saw that there was one on 11th of april! too bad, wasn’t around! We could need something like a compo-newsletter, where you get informed when a compo is announced. I’m not so often around but always interested in something like this…