[Lego NXT] Java Libs?

Hey guys Jake is back! I was grounded for a while and kinda dropped off the radar but now my nonsense posting can bring you all together again!

Now back on topic:

Last Christmas I got this lego thing. Its called like a lego Mindstorms ev3. I really wanted it because it was practically a robot you could build, upload software onto it, and make it move and do all sorts of stuff. So i instantly built a robot and decided to dive into their scripting language. As it turns out the entire thing is basic basic basic drag and drop. So, I was trying to find new ways to program this in Java. I remember finding a few Java libraries but I’d like to talk to anyone who has a little experienece in this first. So is their anyone out there who can guide me on this?

EDIT: Mindstorms Site Link

There is a download link for the software in the link you posted! xD I dont think it can be programed in java, you have to use that software! It would be cool if you can program it but it has it’s own OS-thing that controls it!

Well then can Rasberry-Pi make robots or something. I just want to make Java Robot Babies man.

Rasberry Pi can use java but are you aming for? And how do you think to make your robots? Just wondering.

Edit: There is a link on the bottom of the page Software Dev. Kit and Hardware Dev. Kit check them out there are no details on the page

And i found it, Java for your robot :smiley:. Sorry for me saying no to java but i found it! Hope i helped! :smiley:

Thanks man, I’ll look into this.

If you put Java and Lego into search engine it’s usually the first thing that comes up:


I use it to program my Lego Mindstorms NXT but I want a BrickPi instead.

I highly recommend LeJos: http://www.lejos.org/

I built a drawing robot using LeJos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRqc8S7k6aM