Legend Quest beta

For the past 3 days I’ve been focusing on this rpg project that will have a full story soon. Here’s the basic timeline of what I did.

Day 1: Create my crappy tile engine and make it useful
Day 2: Create the full GUI for basic setup
Day 3: (Today) Export it for others to test

Yes, this is too low level to display, but I couldn’t help it and this is a demo of the final project. Right now it only supports Windows right now. Please report back on if the tile scrolling was smooth. I don’t want to hear how bad the story is right now, I’m working on it with someone.

How do i scale the image again?
Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/udeq9xaxxdzfz73/legendQuest%20v1.0b.zip

I didn’t get the same result as SwordsMiner:

The source of his problems are probably in the fact that you made the res folder hidden. You cant normally see that in Windows when unzipping the folder.

Once I get through to the ‘game’ all I get is this.

The bottom is the result of moving around. I don’t think this is the result you want.

What, is the tile movement odd? I’m going to start using the slick2d tile support since i can’t make a proper tile engine myself.

I wanted to see if it would work on other computers if it were hidden so nobody could edit it.

Why would you care if people edit the assets folder? That’s pointless. It’s not like we are going to steal your art.

You don’t have to worry about the assets folder unless you don’t want people to re-distribute your art/assets on the internet. Even then, copyrights. Google some public ones for games/art :slight_smile:

You also don’t have to worry about people cheating. The worst that could happen is that they could defeat a big boss by deleting him, breaking the game. And thats their fault.

Does the red rectangle jiggle for any of you who have tried it.