Legend of the Chambered - Book 1

Inspired by the old and relatively aborted Eye of the Onlooker attempt, I will be making a first person dungeon romp game for Tiny Game 2010.
More details to come! :smiley:

Uh ohs. :slight_smile:

Playing around with dithering:

interesting technique :slight_smile:

I have been playing around with achieving perceptually a much higher range of colours by achieving 120hz and alternating between two if the sanctioned EGA palette colours to achieve and “avgerage” colour between the two. This does work however tearing and flickering is quite bad on my laptop. If i adapt your technique of changing random pixels it may lessen this unpleasant artifact.

Most monitors won’t show 120 hz, so I don’t think that would work.

yeah that is true, which is why i am counting on the human brain to interpret the random oscillation between two palette colours as an intermediate colour