Learn Java

Accidentally, while surfing Google, I found a game-like online platform for Java learning.
I know it may sound a bit childish, but why not? They are called Codegym. https://codegym.cc/
Had a quick look and it certainly looks very interesting, especially for a beginner.
I’ve started learning few hours ago. It happens to be free.

Have you started/tried the course already?
Who has any impressions?

Theres no time for me to try but, i will see if that is something useful

you can make yourself a course
for me, after you have learn the basic you need to jump and making a simple project as fast as you could.
Soon you will be hit the
first deadend << this deadend usually your limited understanding about basic concepts this can be remedied by look and experimenting the basic concepts
second deadend << this deadend you are already understand about basic but still getting redcode error because you are forgotting something
third deadend << this deadend is not your usual red errorcode but, something bigger like wrong address about files, memory limitation and etc
fourth deadend << your code works but not it was not working as it should be. no error code but you will be getting frustrated at this point soon, you will need to learn try catch code and advanced java tutorial. for me to remedied this problem. i usually went to sleep and forgot that hell what happen yesterday and next day i can do it and wondering what the fuck was i thinking yesterday?
fifth deadend << this deadend is more like illusion but this illusion is very limiting. e.g. work, friendship, understanding peoples libraries and typing keyboard limitation

thats it for me. i hope you dont get discouraged and keep on coding 8)