Action-adventure game with parkour mechanics.

Arriving December 2018.

Official Distribution Page: gamejolt.com/games/leap/313308

Developed with LWJGL.

Tutorial Level

Demo Released!


Objective: Reach and touch the finish line at the far end of the level.

The game will close after you reach the goal.


Walk: AWSD
Run: Shift + Walk
Move Camera: Left click + drag. (I’ll work on this eventually)
Jump: Spacebar

Works like a charm. Should definitely grab the mouse (which I’m sure you are aware).

Pixelapp’s first ever in-house user interface! Look at that shiny button!

Working on gameplay and graphics.

Testing animations! Finally!!!

How long have you been working on this? :slight_smile:

3 months. Yes, it’s been fast.

Steel Beam

I’ve been getting better at asset creation. Practice, practice, practice!

I’ve been practicing my drawings!
Title: Chun Li Minaj

New Update! gamejolt.com/games/leap/313308

Update 1.01 is available.


  • Better Graphics
  • Better Artistic Direction

To Do:

  • Add Gameplay

Collision Test of Slopes! Finally!

I’ve been so sneaky in avoiding the inclusion of slopes in the game. Since I didn’t understand the math. ;D

But it is finally here! :slight_smile:

This will greatly reduce the “blocky” look of the game.

New Update! SEPT 10 2018

Added new area to the game.

Play Now! https://gamejolt.com/games/leap/313308

Testing Animations! SEPT 24 2018

A new character approaches.

Animating the Main Character! Coming Along! - OCT 2 2018