Launcher4K (micro version)

Here a little pet project Ive made today,

Since Sunsword and Groboclown are working on a propper new Launcher for Java4K, I made a little brother.

Launcher4k (under 4 kb)

The launcher will load the entries from 2012 and 2013. It will not save any files locally. Its all working in memory.
Wait a bit for it to load the list, then just click on an entry.

NOT ALL Games work. Especially if there is not just a single class. Sorry.
This early version is very shaky still.
Try my “Griefer” app as reference first, to see if it loads correcly.

On Windows, a doubleclick should suffice to start the app.

In any other case, use:

java -jar J4KLauncher.jar

Then you will also see possible Exceptions thrown.
Since I load pretty rawly the the info (html) from the Java4K website, it might not work
when the website is updated in the future. :wink:
You might have to close and restart the Launcher List, as some games that fail to load might make the Launcher hang itself.
Also if games seem too slow: restart the complete Launcher after playing a few games.

Have fun trying it out.
(Its not ment to replace the propper Launcher, just a reply I made for a previous discussion ::slight_smile: )

I got the game list window up, but couldn’t run anything :\ double-click to play i assume? Nothing happened.

Btw, I made a JSON service so you don’t have to parse html (which could change):

Its still buggy. It loads on a SINGLE click.
Try “Griefer” as an example, I know it works with the launcher, and check the stacktrace (starting the launcher from a terminal).

I will have a look at the JSON service. Thanks for providing that interface.

(put up a new version, it might solve some problems, more updates later)