Laptop hardware

I know it’s a bit unrelevant, but I will use it for gaming ::).

So I am looking for a new laptop, since my current one is very outdated. Still running on Intel core 2 Duo @ 2.0 GHz. The laptop I want must be suitable for programming and gaming, and has to be portable. Should be able to run modern games (like the new Battlefield coming up) at high/ultra settings.
I came across the MSI GS60 2QE(Ghost Pro 3K)-036NL and would like a second opinion on the build. Here is a short list of (most of) the specs:


  • GS60 2QE(Ghost Pro 3K)-036NL
  • Part nummer 9S7-16H512-036
  • Color Black Brushed Metal


  • 15.6 inch Monitor
  • WQHD + IPS
  • Unmirrored
  • Resolution 2880x1620 pixels


  • Intel HM87 chipset


  • Intel Core i7-4710HQ processor
  • Clockspeed 3.3 GHz

Graphics card

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX970M
  • Memory 3 GB DDR5


  • 16 GB DDR3 memory
  • 2 memory slots

Hard disk
­- 2x 128GB SSD (RAID 0)

  • 1 TB HDD at 7200 rpm

Operating System

  • Windows 8.1


  • Killer Gbit Lan
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 ac (Killer Wireless-n/a/ac 1525)
  • Bluetooth 4.0


  • HDMI
  • Display port
  • 3x USB 3.0
  • 4-in-1 card reader


  • Dynaudio speakers 4x2 Watt
  • Sound Blaster Cinema
  • FHD webcam


  • Backlit programmable Steelseries keyboard


  • 6 cells battery
  • Power adapter 150 watt

-­ 390 x 266 x 20.05 millimeter

  • Weight 1.96 kilogram


  • MSI BurnRecovery
  • MSI Remind manager
  • MSI Battery Calibration
  • MSI Social Media Collection
  • MSI Dragoon Gaming Centre
  • MSI Boot Configure
  • Creative Sound Blaster Cinema
  • Bewise CookBook(Metro)
  • Evernote Evernote(Metro)
  • Green Field Puzzle Touch (Metro)
  • Hit Hot TuMetro (Metro)
  • WildTangent Game App (Metro)
  • Microsoft Office 2013 trail
  • Microsoft Essential 2012 trail
  • Microsoft Fresh Paint (Metro)
  • Microsoft Wordament (Metro)
  • Microsoft game pack (Metro)
  • Microsoft Skype(Metro)
  • Cyberlink PowerDVD trail
  • Corel Winzip
  • Symantec Norton Internet Security trail
  • Symantec Norton Online Backup trail
  • Symantec Norton AntiTheft
  • Symantec Norton PC Checkup
  • Symantec Norton Studio (Metro)
  • MAGIX Music Maker SE (30 days trial)
  • MAGIX Photo Manager (30 days trial)
  • MAGIX Web Designer Silver (30 days trial)
  • MAGIX Video easy SE (30 days trial)
  • MAGIX Music Maker JAM (Metro)
  • GeForce Experience

Another specs list (not ghost pro 3k)

That’s actually a very good laptop. If you can afford it, then definitely, go buy it. Only thing I’d do to it once bought is, I’d get rid of the bloatware (the software that comes pre installed).

Pretty nice pick actually.

Good suggestion :wink:

Try and stretch to a model with a 17inch screen. Your eyes will forgive you for it.

Spec looks good, depends what you want to do but if it was me I would go for a 860M model or wait until someone releases am sli 965M model.

I wouldn’t use a resolution > FullHD, as Notebook GPUS still have problems to play modern games in resolutions > FullHD, at least if you want to use high details.
Also make sure to read some tests, as every Notebook has some disadvantages. For example some may be pretty loud, others can’t be cleaned easily.
So you need to decide, which of the disadvantages you don’t like, and which you don’t care about.
As it is an MSI, i guess it is pretty loud and maybe get a little hot, so read the part about the temperatures verry carefully, as you don’t want a Notebook which starts throtteling.
The advantage of MSI is, that it is easy to maintaine, almost every part of the hardware can be accessed by removing a few screws only.
The GPU is ofc pretty good, it is able to play almost every current game in FUllHD with max details, the CPU is also pretty good, enough for every current game.
I would think about the 16GB RAM, do you really need them? I also have 16GB RAM in my notebook, but i never really used them.
Also the SSDs in Raid0 aren’t something i would suggest. Do you really need the extra speed? Remember, that Raid 0 isn’t verry save, if one of the 2 SSDs gets broken. the Data of both is lost.
I would suggest to use 1 256GB SSD only, the speed should be enough.

Also i would switch to a 17" screen, but thats just my opinion.

From what I’ve read, this should be the perfect notebook, BUT it has a shortcoming: it will literally get hot to the point where you could burn your lap while gaming. One german site suggested to get a variant of the same with a less powerfull 860m GPU. Also the 3K display was listed as glossy in the model I found, but there should also be FullHD variants that are reported to be matte - using anything higher than FullHD on 15,6" is IMHO falling for a marketing hype.

@Cylab which german forum do you mean? Just for interest :smiley:
The 860m is not bad, i am using one myself, but it won’t be able to playcurrent games @ max details, medium - high is possible with FullHD.
If you are looking for a notebook with the 860m i just can suggest you to take a look at the Clevo W370SS (17") or Clevo W355SS (15").

taking a weaker GPU to reduce power consumption is a pretty stupid idea. better take a big GPU and do not run it a max-settings/v-sync-off/4k-resolution. if you stress a TNT2 too long it will burn too.

nvidias maxwell architecture compared to kepler is better especially for laptops.

@bisl_ i won’t say, that it will burn it, modern GPUs/CPUs start throtteling to reduce the temperature, if thats not enough, the Notebooks usually turn off to cool down. But throtteling and shutdowns are verry annoying, therefore you should read the tests. If it is a good Notebook, it’s cooling system should be good enough to cool the hardware even in stress situations.
The GPU selection depends on the OPs needs, for max-settings in FullHD he needs a High-End GPU like the 970m or even 980m, for medium-high Settings the performance GPUs like 965m or even 860m should be enough.
I highly suggest you do buy a Maxwell GPU, as they have better performance with less power consumption -> less temperature production.
The Maxwell GPUs you can look for are the 860m (pay attention, there is also a Kepler-Version out there), the 965m, the 970m and the 980m. The 870m, the 880m and olders are always Kepler GPUs.

First of all, thank you for all your replies.

I prefer a 15.6 inch one. Currently have 17 inch and it is just too big.

Are there currently any laptops with the same specs as above (or better) with these GPUs?

EDIT: and around the same price :point:

I just got a new gaming laptop for the missus. After looking for quite some time I ended up choosing between the MSI and the Asus Republic of Gamers. I ended up buying the Asus one ( after having heard a lot of bad things about the heat, noise and general lack of quality of the MSI laptops. Asus was a bit more expensive (or with a bit lesser hardware) but so far it runs fine :slight_smile:


Whats the price?Not sure the cost but with that resolution I would definately get the 17.7 inch model , I have an asus ROG JX , served me very well , fairly similar specs but with two generations prior nvidia gtx770m and a i7 hq4000. Go for it if you can afford it of course should last you a good 5 - 6 years.

€1984.81 including VAT

IS there a 17inch version?

There is not a 17 inch version with the exact same specs, but the series contains 17 inch laptops.

Whats the difference in the specs, as it’s gaming then you want to focus on GPU over cpu.

I guess €2000 is the budget? Personally if I was spending any more than £1000 on a laptop I would be spending as much as remotely possible.

The graphics performance and build quality of laptops vary greatly when you for from €2000 to €2500. I would not buy an msi laptop and instead would go with auros brand.

This one is within your budget but is good, the is not much difference between the 860m and 965m, big are capable. X2 860m are on par with a 970.


If you stretch you can get quite a bit more. (my friend just bought this one a few weeks ago)


The major downside of the current aorus line up is the meh display, however the hardware is solid for the money. If you want a beter display.


If you are wanting an msi model I quotidian recommend tidy one, the reason I don’t like msi is their chunky flashy plastic casing, it looks unprofessional and cheap (it is cheap)


That is my input, at the money you are spending most are all specd roughly the same so your money won’t go to waste buying anything, as long as you have a card such as the 860m, 880m, 970m or 980m. The rest of the hardware is usual top notch at that point.

Of course as stated before, try and get 17inch display at 1080p. If you insist on a 3k screen then a single 970m or dual 860m will suffice. 4k and above I would not touch at 17 inch but if your want, you are going to need dual 970m at the minimum and that will still struggle to run some games at ultra on 4k.

Clevo lapops and the reseller branded versions are normally pretty good. The link below shows a variety including the 15.6 you were looking at.

If you are feeling very adventurous you can install a custom bios on these

Which allows you to configure things quite a bit

Fairly similar to your original specs, fairly lower price.

The budget is not exaclty set. (My parents have to approve it xD)

I’ve searched for that, but most models are 17 inch, and like I stated before, I want a 15.6 inch model.

After a lot more searching and comparing this one seems also quite good if I can stretch the budget:
Gigabyte P35Xv3-CF4

Would the MSI stated in the first post or this one be better, and is it worth the extra money?