Hello Everyone,

I have released Koin3D, a Coin3D java port :

Koin3D uses LWJGL 3. The main classes of Coin3D / Open Inventor are present, however this is only a partial port.
Shadows are handled, and also shaders and transparency.

Two viewers are available :

  • The first on top of SWT, to embed the 3D view in an Eclipse application.
  • The second on top of GLFW, to be used in standalone for a video game, by example. The keyboard input (multi-touch) is better handled in this version.

My goal is to develop a little 3D FPS game in java using this library.


It still uses JOGL:

Hello Julien,

No, Koin3D does not uses JOGL libraries anymore. What you see is an “emulation” of JOGL, a proxy that i have coded to wrap LWJGL. It is because the first project i have made, “jSceneGraph”, was based on JOGL, so to migrate from JOGL to LWJGL, i made this emulation.

Hello everyone,

Koin3D release is out, you can download it at :

This is the full eclipse workspace of the project, with a use case named “Mount Rainier Island”.

The project has been tested on a machine with plenty of RAM, so you will maybe have to make some adaptations.

This is a work in progress, many things need to be done to obtain a smoother frame rate.