Kitten Challenge

Kitten Challenge is my first game for Android. I hope you enjoy it :wink:


Kitten Challenge features fast arcade gameplay.
Each level requires skill, and a little bit of thinking to complete.

Join Ginger Kitten on his journey around the world.
Challenge kittens from different realms and master the tracks they have prepared for you.

  • Collect coins, stars and colorful fishes which give your kitten extra powers
  • Avoid deadly traps and obstacles
  • Unlock 4 challenging achievements in each level
  • Unlock new, playable kittens from each realm
  • Build your own levels with in-game editor and share them with your friends



Haven’t played it yet, but from the video it looks like a very interesting puzzle game!
Reminds me of some New Super Mario Bros. levels…

Wow this is impressive. I like the art style and the game is unique and challenging.

Thank you. Nice to hear :slight_smile:

man this is really hard! i think you might have been better to make the earlier levels a bit easier because it seems that you have to have perfect timing to pass them, but you cant develop that level of skill without practice. the first level i was thinking what the hells going on here, then the second level i took a couple of goes to get me bearing and beat it, then the 3rd level is extreme.

3rd level is easy compared to later ones ;D

And seriously, it really depends:
-the game is super easy if you just want to complete all levels
-it ranges from easy to hard if you want to get achievements one by one, collect coins on first ride then try not to die on second ride…
-it is very, very hard (not impossible!) to score all achievements at once, but as the title suggests it’s supposed to be a challenge

Featured :point:

That is really awesome! :smiley:

Very nice gameplay (but hard!)!

Very well done graphics and animations!

Annoying music but it fits the game style :stuck_out_tongue:

The only big drawback is that I have a windows phone, and am only able to play it on my gf’s phone…


Nice :slight_smile: