An attempt at a Peggle type game in 4k. Shoot the balls down the screen, bouncing off the pegs. Remove all the red pegs to complete the level.

You can play here at the website or direct via webstart.

Still very much a work in progress. Watch out, it attempts to do some programmatic sound so might have problems on some platforms with terrible Java Sound support.

Feedback, bugs etc really appreciated. I currently have 6 bytes free!


Great stuff!

For the record: In peggle, purple means “score booster”, green means “powerup” (such as triple ball). If you want to appeal to the skills of current peggle player, you might want to consider making it the same in your game.

Well done!

I’ve never played peggle, but this is good fun.

I am surprised it’s a WIP… it feels very complete to me

As far as sound goes, I got a random blip every 5mins or so… Vista / JRE 1.5

Personal best so far… 14,040 17,560 26,160 40,200 87,160

Cool beans, although I really don’t like Peggle. :stuck_out_tongue: The emulation of it is spot on, though.


  1. Flipped purple and green around
  2. Small change to level generation, should give more features more often
  3. Updated sound code a bit - it shouldn’t lag when you get multiball now and might work better on some systems. FYI you should get a beep every time you light a peg.

And I just had to try it…



Another update:

  1. Fixed some rare problems with level lockup
  2. Added the yellow peg - 300 points!
  3. You can now right click to toggle anti-aliasing (which is really really slow on some Java2D platform implementations)


I never played this Peggle before, but this is strangely addictive :slight_smile:

Beautiful! Amazing! I didn’t get any sounds though, do I need to do something?

This one smells like a winner. =)

Sounds should be beeping everytime you light a peg. I guess it’s just me not getting Java Sound right. I’ll take another look later see if I can work out how the hell it’s supposed to work :confused:

Thanks for the lovely comments, but I think we already had the winner early on :wink: Still fun producing games this quickly tho!


True 'dat. I spent half the development time on my game just trying to understand why the MIDI synthesizer was so wacked.

this game is addictive! I like the implementation too much. No sound here in my Ubuntu linux box

Great game, I like it, but it runs painfully slowly on this PC.

P4@2.66GHz, 1GB RAM, WinXP Pro SP2, JRE 1.6.0_03, 35% CPU utilization, 60% memory utilization, running via webstart.

Awesome game! Runs very well here on Windows XP on 6u11, with sound and all.

Maybe timing issues I guess, I’ll post source if anyone has a chance to test?


Thanks for that game Kev, very nice. Couple thoughts:

  1. Clickling on the left side, requires a lower click to get the ball to hit where you want, like I have to click about perhaps 10-20 pixels lower than where I want the ball to shoot. works fine on the right side.

  2. Might want to have some way to tell the player how to play the game. I had to do a search to find out how to play Peggle.

Instructions on the webpage.


For some reason the webstart-ed frame seems to be cut off at the bottom - you can’t see the ball catcher. Looks like it’s off by the height of the title bar (on WinXP).


There used to be a Windows screen saver that looked very similar to this. Anyone remember it?

Simple and fun. Reminds me of a carnival game. I got up to level 5 before finding it a tad too repetitive. Wasn’t there something like this on the Price is Right?!