Keeping up with Java's new features (video)

Gil Tene of Azul Systems gives a good talk on keeping up with Java’s new features.

Lot’s of stuff here I’m not clear on.

I’m noticing that there is increased support for creating html documents, and for building web clients. Does this mean that there is a path for making java web games? For example, one makes a game that has various downloadable/installable web clients. The clients interact with the online game, including taking on some of the processing load locally.

(I’m wondering about sending down sound commands that run a local sound engine that interprets them into effects and music.)

Azul or Zulu says that they are including JavaFX with their Java builds. That helps with compiling, running, jlinking somewhat. It could simplify use of Eclipse as the IDE. I don’t know as I haven’t tried it yet. The main question I have is how does Azul incorporate the changes/improvements made by Gluon?

Some of the new features seem like they could help with performance, e.g., allowing primitives in the various collections that up to now have required Objects.