In Jump4(K)Freedom you have the ability… to jump!

EDIT: The link for the final subscription : http://www.java4k.com/index.php?action=games&method=view&gid=396

This is what I’m currently working on; nothing special compared to what you guys show but, oh well…

The story revolves around a robot who has to escape an underground lab/compound fighting against and mainly avoiding, along the way, what the supposedly “evil” AI throws at him. Climbing all the way up while bearing with the strange personality of the AI and the dangers of his minions.

Here is a basic demo showing the gameplay style:

It features only 1 kind of enemies and energy power-ups. While you are charged with extra energy you can destroy enemies and bounce of them.
Controls: WASD or Up/Down/Left/Right to move and normal jump;
Space for double jump ( once every ± 3 seconds )
P to pause and R to skip most of the screens. F generates another level.

I hope it’s at least slightly enjoyable. I would love to get some ideas for design/gameplay implementations.

I just tried this several times and probably lasted an averge of 2 seconds each go… Either am doing something wrong or way too hard!!
Other than that looks like a lot of potential for a fun game!

Thanks for the fast feedback.
That might be my fault, because I already played it for quite a while, while doing it, and so I might be more “used to” it.
I might have to rethink the difficulty I was adopting. Btw don’t forget double jump, it really matters. You can try to jump on unnecessary blocks while waiting for double-jump cooldown.

Anyway, for the sake of fun, hope this one is a little easier for the while :smiley:

Hi, I’m new here, and also new at java game programming.

Do you have any tutorial suggestions or ANYthing you could link me to? I am really struggling getting started and don’t want to quit.

Thank you so much!

I recommend this thread from last year to get you started:

I found that it is easier, if you jump up next to a plate, and navigate over to it on the way down. That gives you more times to react.
Also, I think you should count how far up you go :slight_smile:

Great game, this reminds me of Doodle Jump :slight_smile:
I would suggest going through the sides onto the other side. For example I move right, disappear into the right wall and reappear out of the left wall :slight_smile:

I think this would be a lot easier if you only did collisions when he’s falling :stuck_out_tongue:

Love the char design, like android mascot.

Thank you very much for the feedback and great ideas!
Had some free time so here’s the “changelog”:
I was first thinking on going on a level based concept but since there is still time remaining i changed this one for a more open minded concept: You climb as high as you can, you get points based on it, you receive upgrades, you climb higher, until you reach the Goal. Still gotta think on it better tho…
Anyway I implemented what you guys suggested: now you only jump on blocks if you are falling.
Now there are two types of environment. You start deep in a cave and you got to climb out of there. Once you get out of the cave you can go through one side to the other side.
I changed the level generation algorithm so that the higher you climb the harder it gets ( less blocks, more enemies ). There are still a few problems witch power up’s placement.
Enough talking:

Btw, dont mind the debug coordinates. Forgot to remove it

New update, since i think im getting close to what might be the finished game and would like some feedback:
Introduced the upgrades system which will help you climb higher. You can check their names and a small description by pressing B


You now win be escaping the planet you are trapped in ( 3 environments )
The cave is now sealed ( you need one upgrade to be able to exit it , makes more sense ingame )


You collect spare parts by destroying jump blocks and enemies. You use those spare parts to buy the upgrades

Keys: F to activate the Charged state upgrade,
B to access the Upgrade menu, space to buy the upgrades
WASD/arrows to move
P to Pause and unpause

A very hard yet promising game. You should really make it much easier for the first seconds of play…

It reminds me a bit of an excellent jumping game I found in WarioWare: Touched! some years ago.

Quite the time since the last feedback.
Anyway, did some changes on the game in the last few days as the deadlines slowly but surely approaches

I hope it’s more enjoyable and easy at least to begin with.
Feedback is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Really, really nice! Awesome work :slight_smile:

really great game. I’d suggest adding some fake platforms like disappearing and reappearing. Also add different plataforms sizes, so you can have some enemies walking on it like a snake, maybe a platform with some spikes, so you have to think the best way to reach the top avoiding them.

Your feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated; Thanks :slight_smile:
I will try to implement some of those in the sparse space I have left.

Your game is really much more enjoyable now, with an easier difficulty level.

At the start of the game, it would be nice if you briefly printed a blinking message reminding the effect of the commands, especially F and B.

I submitted the game, even though I’m still unsure about about the difficulty.
Some feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you :slight_smile:

EDIT: Something that is bothering me is never knowing when the cooldowns will end so i will put something up for that soon.

I managed to get 5929m. I love challenging games like this.

Nitpick: on the game over screen, change “you did some progress” to “you made some progress”. did sounds a little funny in that sentence.

Anyway, fun little game. Congrats.

edit: Every time, I get stuck here: http://imgur.com/brFG9

is there no way to progress?

You actually have to buy the second upgrade in order to break those walls. It’s like a checkpoint, or sort of ( it only takes effect in the next round )