Judging results

The judging results can be found on java4k.com front page:


Big thanks to the judges, teletubo and jimmt. And huge congratulations to Gef for his In The Dark 4k title, and to all the other winners :slight_smile:

I’m joking but I’m really happy 8)

Big Thanks to judges for reviews and to community voters !

Congratulations to everyone !

@teletubo : I specially liked your review : funny and probably the most objective…

As „the newbie“ I want to express my gratitude to all those people who contributed this year to the 4k competition.
It was a nice experience for me.

Although there are not so many entries this year, I had a lot of fun playing them.
As a contributor I learned, that it’s not so easy to make a 4k game.
The source code does not show all the work you have to do for the competition.
You have to make a description, an icon, some advertising in this forum, the compression and so on.
If you didn’t code a 4k game before, it’s easy to underestimate the work.

I’m sure that reviewing the games is a lot of work, too. Thus, I want to say thank you to the judges.
With “In The Dark 4k” we have a worthy (and expected) winner!
(After I saw Gef’s game, I was just a step before kicking my game in the trash…)
But now, I’m very proud of my second place.

It’s a little bit sad, that only 11 Persons voted this year.
Is this normal or is it a sign that the interest in the event descend?

Last but not least I owe thanks to some people who helped me.
In my case the HTML-Code for the website does not work. But Appel helped me, so I want to thank him.
And of course I want to say thanx to everyone who helped me downsizing my game so I could implement my radar. Especially Gef brought a breakthrough.

All in all, you are a nice community.

By the way: how can I link my game with my profile?

Have a nice day/night (wherever you are)

[quote]By the way: how can I link my game with my profile?
Just make a thread for it on showcase or WIP board.

It is an unfortunate and expected consequence of Oracle’s disinterest and seemingly abandonment of Applets/Webstart. And now with the forced signing of applets/webstart there is no way for client side code to run easily for end users.

I am seriously considering seeing what gaps in tool chains exist to automatically convert an applet to javascript. (purely from a Java4k perspective… i.e. not the general case) to allow the competition to continue to exist as it currently is but allow more users to experience the games.

Bck2Brwser has you covered, at least in theory. I haven’t actually used it, but it seems like it would be flaky.

Alternatives here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12316557/javascript-jvm-implementation

Edit: Doppio seems even better for reasons cited here for broader compatibility and robustness, but B2B will probably be faster and is likely to be fine for something as small as a J4K game. Note that that Google groups discussion is not super recent, the situation may have changed drastically by now.

Those using OpenJDK can’t play them anyway. (Unless we install icedtea, but I’m not going to bother)


Though both seem not mature enough to conceivably run a java 4k applet. (i.e. AWT/Swing support is not done) If Doppio was mature then it would be a no brainer! but I think it may be achievable to implement a subset of of AWT/Swing that is utilised by Java 4k Applets. e.g Graphics2D, double buffering, mouse/keyboard control and use something like GWT to compile it to javascript aka HTML5.

Great thanks to the judges and community for taking the time to play all the games and vote! And of course thanks to everyone making these nice games.

The judges feedback is nice. @teletubo Sorry for the inconvenient island shapes… ;D And yes the special items really exist. They are buried on beaches and you can spot them from the boat as a dark spot on the beach, like if someone has been digging there.

Thanks to all the judges for their great work. =)

Congratz to Gef. The game is the well-deserved winner!

Well, it’s not like Java is the hottest thing anymore. It’s understandable that interest in the 4k contest has dwindled, but there are still some who are interested in it and find it a fun annual contest.

But about the future, I’m not sure if I will continue to manage it anymore. Personally I’d like someone take over to continue to manage it. I think after 7 years it’s time to move on ::slight_smile: I’d like to hand over the site to a capable person.

Unfortunately, I cannot take the reigns from you appel… I do not have the spare time to give it its due service.

If no one takes the responsibility, perhaps it will regress to its origins… submissions just a bunch of posts on the forum.